Selasa, 17 April 2012


By : Wulan Tine Puspitasari
Supervisor : Sumarsono, Dwi Nugraheny


            Digital image is a sequence of real or complex numbers are represented by specific bits. Possible image to be processed and developed into a better and beneficial to mankind. In a digital image of a wide range of image processing can be performed on that image. One operation in image processing is applied to the image of hiding secret data in the image so that the existence of secret data is unknown (steganography). A process used in this method of binary digital image  for the application of steganography. This process has the characteristics of data input and output information in the form of a new image that is encrypted. The new image of the binary sum of the two images to form a new image so that the original form of the image can not be seen.
            This application aims to create a software to help secure the data in the form of a bitmap image (bmp) and create applications for merging the digital image with a bitmap image type (bmp) 24 bits.
The value of the summed image is the result of the conversion value of the second source image so that it becomes a new value to form an image. The results from the summation method of two binary images can be generated a new image encryption to the true value of the original image.

Keywords : steganography, binary addition method, digital imagery. 

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